Tell Me Somethin' Good...

A Note from Britt (Founder):


So I had this idea in the shower.


This is something my husband and best friend of 10 years gets really sick of hearing me say. My theory is that it has something to do with the warm water hitting my head...


After spending over a decade in the fashion industry at some amazing companies and in some incredible roles, I wanted something for myself. Something that gave back to the community around me and helped support all the things I love and care about. These things happen to be the environment, charities that are out there helping all of us, and sustainable design.


I love design. I love fashion. I love accessories.

But I hate a lot of the negatives that come from pursuing those things, like rampant consumerism, fast fashion, pollution and worker exploitation.


Enter The Original Rainbow (aforementioned 'shower idea' # 10,001).

It's all about making beautiful products that people can use and making them the right way. They're handmade in LA from deadstock fabrics. I love them and I have a feeling you will too.